JukeIt 3.3.0 (For SpoutCraft 1.6.4) Released

A little behind schedule, but here it is!

Change Log:

  • Updated for Minecraft/Bukkit/SpoutCraft 1.6.4
  • Changed the way url data is stored on discs.
  • Polished the help menus some.
  • Added command listurls (PRO Only): list all stored urls.
  • Added command discinfo (PRO Only): Output Disc MetaData
  • Added command givedisc (PRO Only): Give a disc to a player.
  • Added permission jukeit.command.listurls (PRO Only, OP Only default)
  • Added permission jukeit.command.discinfo (PRO Only, OP Only default)
  • * Added permission jukeit.command.givedisc (PRO Only, OP Only default)
  • * Added new soundeffect for “Ruined Discs”

Query/Rcon Classes for PHP

I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything. But I recently wrote a new Rcon class and a Query class for a newer project I’m working on, and I thought I would share it.


A simple Minecraft Rcon Class for PHP.

Github Source


A simple Minecraft Query Class for PHP.

Github Source

JukeIt 3.0 Pro Release.

And its finally here: JukeIt 3 for SpoutCraft!

In this release of JukeIt, no longer are your discs listed in the creative inventory. I’ve revamped the entire disc system! Also many fixes to the repeater chip and just improvements all around.

With this release, JukeIt will now cost $5, instead of the original name-your-price option, but if you don’t want to purchase just yet you can instead grab the now official Free version of JukeIt. And as always, if you’ve already purchased, your existing download  link will work to download the latest version.

Get JukeIt 3 Pro to unlock all the features.

Change Log:

  • Fixed the repeater chip orientation.
  • Fixed client crash when changing the time on the repeater chip
  • Repeater Chip drops the correct item.
  • Can no longer place the repeater chip block form, must use the item form.
  • Revamped the disc system. Burned discs no longer display in the creative menu.

JukeIt Hotfix 2.2.2

This hotfix addresses the database table generation when using databases other than sqlite.

Version 2.2.2

  • Fixes table generation for dbs other than sqlite.

As always: If you have already purchased a previous version you can re-download the latest JukeIt with your existing download link.

JukeIt Hotfix 2.2.1

This hotfix addresses the critical issue with the new Repeater Chip Block creation during the plugin enable sequence.

Version 2.2.1

  • Fixed Axis Errors with the Repeater Chip Block.
  • Added Plugin Metrics

If you have already purchased a previous version of JukeIt, you can re-download the latest version by reusing your existing download link that you received via email.

Sound Emitter Block

TestIt Update – New Sound Emitter Block.

Released the latest version of Test-It (formerly known as ParticleTester). This update mostly includes functionality for testing the Sound Effects API for SpoutPlugin / Spoutcraft.

Test-It is now aimed and general api functionality testing to help fellow developers, instead of just the particle API. I’ll just add stuff to it as I go along probably.

Info and Download.

Change Log


  • Sound Effect API with Sound Emitter Block.
  • Removed Crafting Recipies.
Repeater Chip on Record Player

JukeIt 2.2.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) Released


JukeIt 2.2.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) is now available. This update boasts a name change, and looping music with the new Repeater Chip

Repeater Chip on Record Player
The new Repeater Chip attached to a Record Player

If you have already purchased JukeBukkit 2.1.0, fret not. You can re-use the download link you have received to download the latest JukeIt 2.2.0. Make sure to read over the Upgrade Instructions if you are migrating over from JukeBukkit 2.1.0.


Full Change Log

  • Name Changed to JukeIt
  • Record Player Indicator Light now reflects whether the Record Player is receiving redstone power.
  • Added new block: Repeater Chip (with GUI) – For music looping.
  • Added a GUI for the Record Player.
  • Added console only command playjuke.
  • Fixed some NPE’s.
  • Fixed project resource character encoding to UTF-8.
  • Fixed Speaker Wire Placement errors when placing next to other custom blocks.
  • Changed Speaker Wire Base Block.
  • Changed commands to load last, hopefully working better with Dynmap.
  • Changed the way db tables are created.
  • Changed the disc scratch sound effect to not play when powering up with redstone.
  • Changed all permission nodes from jukebukkit to jukeit
  • Changed command prefix to /jukeit, or /juke
  • Removed the old texture cache workaround.

JukeBukkit 2.1.0 Released!

JukeBukkit 2.1.0 for Bukkit / Spoutplugin 1.3.2 is out!

Change Log

  • Updates for 1.3.2
  • No longer supporting crafting with all wood types, allthough many still work.
  • Added custom texture support (WIP)
  • Re-encoded the provided music to a lower bitrate.
  • Added robots.txt to the web server (to prevent indexing)
  • now using my MeshIt obj loader libary
  • removed the old disc yml importer.
  • Improved Burn GUI Navigation.
  • Disc on a Stick is now a weapon that deals random damage and takes random durability hits.

Get it Here!